Why Are My Comcast Emails Keep Disappearing?

Why Are My Comcast Emails Keep Disappearing
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You are preparing to open your Comcast email with your valid user id and password because your boss wants a reply for the email sent by him. You are trying to log in your Comcast account as soon as possible to send a reply. The email is opened, and you have gone to all email folders to search your essential email sent by the boss but can’t find it.

The auto-deletion of an important email is a severe issue in Comcast email because it will affect your productivity as well as cause you personal data loss. The blog will provide you troubleshooting steps to restore the automatically deleted emails from your Comcast Email Account.  The steps given below are simple to follow. Suppose you found difficulty in implementing them. In that case, you can call Comcast email helpline number to get an expert suggestion in restoring all the deleted emails at your Comcast Email Account. It is opened all the time 24/7 hours to listen to your queries regarding Comcast emails and provide accurate solutions to restore auto-deleted emails.

What are the Steps to Recover Deleted Emails From Your Comcast Account?

The spam folder’s old messages will be deleted after seven days, and trash messages will be deleted after 14 days. The default email deletion setting will be used in Comcast email to auto-delete old messages from email folders like spams, trash, primary folders, etc. Like other email services, Comcast email also supports users to restore the emails deleted by mistake or accidentally. Refer to the troubleshooting steps given below to restore the deleted email from your Comcast email account.

  • Open your Comcast email account by entering your valid email address and password at the sign-in page of Comcast email service
  • Click at the email tab and locate your Comcast email box
  • Move to the Trash folder and press at the More Action option
  • Press at Recover Deleted Items at your Comcast Email account and then proceed to restore all deleted emails selected by you.
  • Move to the list of emails choose the desired emails you require to get back at your email box.
  • Choose a suitable location for the restored emails and press at Move option to forward them at the selected folder.

Always remember that the deleted emails in the trash folder will be available for two weeks. More than two weeks, all trash emails will become unavailable permanently because the old emails in the trash will be deleted after two weeks automatically as discussed before. If you have faced the same error and can’t restore all deleted or missing emails, you must dial Comcast email helpline to fix this issue. It is opened to attend your calls all the time whether day or night 24/7 hours. Discuss your issue in detail with its technical executives and follow the instructions to resolve the issue carefully. If you are in urgent need, then visit the Comcast Email service provider’s official websites and dial the toll-free number to get an instant solution for removing this error.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You can recover a deleted password within the “30 days” after its deletion. Thereafter, the mail gets deleted permanently. You can select one or multiple email messages to recover. To do so, click on the first email in the list, hold the Shift button and then click the Last email in the deleted list.

Comcast mail is one of the most incredible mail services. However, you can get multi-pronged issues when using your email. In such a case, click on Comcast Customer Support and it will redirect you to the official support page of XFINITY. Here, you can get multiple options to get assisted with your queries. You can choose to chat with Xfinity, locate an Xfinity location, or enter your query in the “Ask Xfinity” box. Furthermore, you can also connect with its Help Communities, on Messenger, Twitter, Reddit, and Xfinity Support Forum.

If an email is marked as spam in Comcast, there is no option to unspam or whitelist the sender yourself. This option is available in several popular email services; however, missing in Comcast. The “Not Spam” feature takes a lot of clicking in order to prevent a future message from being filtered.

When you find an email to be phishing, you can mark it as spam and it will move to the spam folder from your inbox. When the same sender will send an email to you, it will go to the Spam folder only.

If an email from your inbox disappears all of sudden, it means that there is a malware infection of the account is compromised and someone else has deleted the email. In such a case, you need to reset your Comcast email password immediately. Once done, run a scan of your device with your antivirus software to detect possible infection.

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