How to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Authentication Failed Problem?

How to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Authentication Failed Problem
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If you are encountering the “Mozilla Thunderbird Authentication Failure” message in the Mozilla Thunderbird Email account, then you should follow the given instructions to resolve this error soon.

What are the Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Thunderbird Authentication Failure Error?

Following these steps will give a meaningful result in washing-off this error from your Mozilla Thunderbird email account.

Delete All Saved Passwords

  • If you have saved the old passwords in Mozilla Thunderbird Email account, then you need to remove these soon to resolve this Authentication Failure Error.
  • Open the Mozilla Thunderbird and go to its primary interfaces and search to the Preferences window, and click the Security option at the top of the screen.
  • Now, choose the Saved Passwords option, and it will remove the previously saved passwords in Mozilla Thunderbird Email Account.

OAUTH2 Authentication Method

  • Search Menu to the main window of the Mozilla Thunderbird Email. Go to your email account, choose Server Settings option on the left panel and then select Oauth2 from the Authentication Method with drop-down menu.
  • Search to Outgoing Server and choose OAuth2 Authentication Method. Restart the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Account, and once it is started, you will be asked to enter the password of your email account.
  • Look the screen for “Allow Mozzila Thunderbird to do this” message and tap on Allow option

Check, if Mozilla Thunderbird Authentication Failing Error is resolved or not. If not, then follow the next step.

Starting Mozilla Thunderbird Email in a Safe Mode

First Step

  • If Mozilla Thunderbird is not running, then start the app at the same moment and hold the SHIFT key of your computer’s keyboard. This process will open the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client in a protective mode.
  • If the Thunderbird Application is already started, then move to Help menu and tap at Restart with Add-Ons Disabled option.
  • Select the Restart option carefully.

If again this error is not removed, you can contact Mozilla Thunderbird helpdesk.

Second Step

  • When the Thunderbird Safe Mode dialogue box open, then tap on the Continue in a safe mode option. Check if the safe mode is activated in the Mozilla Thunderbird Email client, move to Tools, and choose the Add-Ons and Extensions options.
  • Above the Add-Ons list, you will look “Thunderbird in Safe Mode” message. It means that Mozilla Thunderbird has opened in a safe mode.

Config. Editor

  • Search to Tools option in a Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client, and select options Advanced->General-> and then click on Config. Editor button.
  • Not choose “Show this warning next time” message and click on “I accept the risk” option.
  •  As Config. An editor window opens, look for “General.useragent.compactmode.firefox” and change its value to True.
  • After clicking the OK option, restart the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client.
  • Use your right email address and password to open Mozilla Thunderbird after the restart. Turn off safe mode and check if Authentication Failure error is resolved or not.

If following the above steps, this error in Mozilla Thunderbird is not resolved, then contact at Mozilla Thunderbird customer service to troubleshoot this error as soon as possible. You can also call our experts to fix this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The authentication problem in Mozilla Thunderbird can take place due to several reasons that are stated in the below-given list:

  • Saved old password in Mozilla Thunderbird email account.
  • Programs running in the background are interfering with the Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Improperly configured Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is known for its incredible features. However, Mozilla Thunderbird authentication failure is a common problem that a user can face when using the mail service.In such a case, you can visit the Firefox support website or click on the “Ask A Question” link to get your answers. Furthermore, you can live chat on MATRIX to get your queries answered.

A disabled account is also one of the main reasons behind the Mozilla Thunderbird Authentication Failed issue. There can be several reasons behind the arrival of the error, such as past-due payments or spamming. In such a case, you need to log into the Control Panel and check the status of the customer and email accounts.

If you are facing problems with your Thunderbird email every now and then, follow the below-given solutions:

  • Set up your Yahoo email account accurately.
  • Choose the right provider.
  • Examine the problems related to the incoming and outgoing email.
  • Furthermore, disable add-ons to check if the error is fixed or not.

Thunderbird is an open-source web application and Mozilla does not support or release the new versions for it. However, it is a moderately safe to use application. You can look for support on the thunderbird community forum and get your common issues resolved.

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