How to Reactivate Old Yahoo Account?

How to Reactivate Old Yahoo Account
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Reactivate Old Yahoo Account is a free webmail account to share information via messages to your loved ones and also for business-related clients. It makes you entertained, listens to the news, posts your blogs, keeps an eye on your advertisement, and more. If you are looking out to install any webmail to your account, then download the Yahoo email app which helps you in configuring and installing it on your personal and official devices.

What are Reasons Behind Remaining inactive at Your Old Yahoo Account?

You have entered the wrong email Id or Password to access your old yahoo email account but are unable to do so because you have forgotten the password or user id to log in. Another reason could be that your account has been disabled after trying to log in multiple times.

If you are willing to recover your yahoo email old account, then you can go to reactivate it through Yahoo Email Recovery Process. If you don’t know the process to recover your disabled account, then follow the steps to get a link where you can put your new password to get back your account again. There can be various steps to recover your old yahoo email account.

What are the Steps to Recover Your Disabled Yahoo Email Account?

Recover Disabled Account by Generating a New Password:

    • First of all, visit the yahoo email account and enter your correct email address and password and if you can’t access-in it, then tap on option “Forgotten Password” and enter your registered mobile number. If you can’t remember the password, then reply to a security question with a valid answer.
    • You have to select the recovery process to reactivate your old yahoo email account and follow the instructions one by one.
    • You can enter a new password after clicking on the password recovery link appearing on next page, and you can access your disabled yahoo email account with a new password.

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Follow Process to Recover Old Yahoo Email Account With A Verification Code:

  • In the beginning, go to the browser and enter to open the account
  • Enter the yahoo email address to sign-in and tap the next
  • Click on Continue button and enter the code to prove that you are not a robot
  • Click Submit button. For security purpose, you have to type the Captcha
  • Enter the registered mobile number
  • Get the test code at your registered mobile number by clicking on yes ‘text me a code.”
  • In a few seconds, you will receive a code at your registered mobile number
  • Type the text code on the box and verify and you will be signed as a username
  • You are routed to another window where click on the link and enter your new password and confirm it by entering the again same password. Then, tap on continue
  • Now, you are logged-in to your disabled yahoo email account with a new password. Remember it so that you can’t have difficulty in reaccessing your email account.

If your account is not recovered, then you can contact Yahoo Customer Service to get your old yahoo email account recovery soon.

How Do You Recover Your Yahoo Email Permanently Deleted Account?

You have disabled your old account, but you have remembered suddenly that there are some essential data left out in it. Don’t panic because you can recover your permanently deleted account with easy steps. Follow the instructions mentioned here to retrieve a permanently deleted account.

  • Open the yahoo email account by typing in your web browser
  • Type the same email id and password, you used to log-in before and tapped the “Next.”
  • Yahoo wishes to verify you, and you will get a code at your registered mobile number.
  • If your mobile number is not accessed, then tap “ try another method”.
  • And you can select your desired location where a code can be sent by yahoo to recover your permanently deleted account
  • Type this code in “Yahoo Recovery” and tap “Next.”
  • After the verification of code, yahoo will ask you to create a new password and enter the easy password to remember and tap “next”. Now, yahoo account recovery page will ask you to update or make changes and then, tap next.
  • You will get the message on your screen that you have changed your password.
  • Again log-in your yahoo email account with the same username and new password and enter it.
  • If you have not recovered your permanently deleted account after following these steps, then move to next step to recover it.

Yahoo Email Helpdesk Number

You can recover your permanently deleted yahoo email account within 30 days from the date of deactivation. If more than this, then you can contact the Yahoo helpline number to retrieve your deactivated account quickly. You can also contact its experts team to provide you with better assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You may need Yahoo help on various instances, such as when setting up, managing your Yahoo account, or resetting your forgotten password. In these situations, you can make a visit to the Yahoo help page and choose a suitable option to get help.

The Yahoo answer is no more in use as Yahoo shut it down in May 2021. So, you can use the standard procedure to recover your old Yahoo account. Now, even if you know the secret answer, you may not be able to access your old account.

If you think someone else has deleted your account, in such a case, you need to change your password in the first place to secure your account and then access your email account. Avoid logging into your email account on public computers or on the device of your friends or family members.

There are some conditions when you can’t reactivate your deleted account at any cost:

  • When you haven’t used your account in the last 12 months.
  • If the Terms of Service were violated by the user.

In these two situations, none of the procedures will work for account recovery.

When you delete your Yahoo account, the emails will be removed from the account and you may not be able to access the data stored in Yahoo’s services (since it is lost). When you close your Yahoo account, it will not cancel automatic changes related to your account. First thing first, cancel the subscriptions.

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