Try These DIY Solutions to Fix AOL Gold Icon not Responding Issue

AOL Gold Icon not Responding
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Most often, the users might encounter AOL Gold Icon not responding issue while opening the AOL application. It might also evoke when you are accessing an unsupported version of the AOL application. So, it is essential to get the latest version installed to resolve the issue.

When the error occurs, it obstructs the users from using the AOL mail service and thus hampers the ongoing tasks. Therefore, proper troubleshooting techniques must be implemented to deal with such an issue. This descriptive guide contains all the relevant details required to resolve the issue at its earliest.

Root Causes Behind AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Issue 

Understanding the main cause behind the occurrence of AOL Gold Icon not responding issue is very important for the error resolution. Here, we have elaborated on all the factors that might contribute to the issue.

  1. A fault in the AOL Desktop Gold application installation is one of the major reasons behind the error.
  2. It might be possible that you haven’t installed the AOL Desktop Gold version compatible with your operating system.
  3. An obsolete version of the AOL application may also be responsible.
  4. The corrupted files on your system might interrupt the AOL GOLD Icon from working on your device.
  5. A virus or malware attack might damage your system and thus prevent operating the AOL Gold icon from working.

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What would be the impact of the AOL Desktop Gold Not Working issue?

The users might come across any of the following instances of AOL Gold Icon not responding.

  • The users might discover that the software eventually stops responding.
  • You might notice that the black screen will display on your screen while working on AOL.
  • When the error occurs, it prevents users from sending or receiving emails.
  • No response will you receive when you hit the AOL Gold icon.
  • The AOL GOLD Icon opens, but you witness that the webpage is still frozen.

Simple Solutions to Figure Out AOL Desktop Icon Not Working Issue. 

Seeking the best resolution methods to tackle AOL Gold Icon not responding issue, here are some tips for dealing with the problem. Just apply the steps listed below properly and get better results.

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Solution 1: Verify The Compatibility Of Your Device With AOL

At times, users might confront that AOL Desktop Gold won’t launch if their device is incompatible with their operating system. Most users are still utilizing the old computers that don’t support the AOL Desktop Gold to work on their devices smoothly. So, you must upgrade your hardware to perform the software flawlessly. Also, to get this software installed on your device, check that your device is suitable as per the following system requirements.

  1. Your operating system must have 1 GB of RAM to run the software smoothly.
  2. Additionally, ensure that your system has a 266 MHZ processor or a processor faster than that.
  3. Also, check that the hard disk space must be up to 512 MB. Moreover, they must have the Windows 7 operating system.
  4. On the other hand, Mac users must have an operating system of version 10.0.

Solution 2: Switch Off Your Computer

Sometimes, the users can resolve AOL Gold Icon not responding issues just by turning the device off and then relaunching it. Follow the steps outlined below to switch off the Windows PC.

  1. Begin the process by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys simultaneously on your keyboard and move ahead.
  2. After this, choose the Task Manager option and then opt for the Processes tab present at the top.
  3. You have to scroll down from the list of options available and look for the AOL Desktop application.
  4. Once you get the AOL Desktop Gold, tap on it and choose the End Program option.
  5. Consequently, you will see a pop-up window in front of you where you have to opt for the End Program option once again.
  6. Afterwards, close and open the program once again on your device.
  7. Then, try opening the AOL GOLD icon and verify whether the issue still exists.

Solution 3: Review Your Network and Internet Connections

Even after implementing the resolution methods mentioned above, you cannot tackle the AOL Gold icon not respond issue, verify your network connection. For that, you have to implement the steps outlined below attentively.

  1. To begin with the procedure, press the Windows key and then choose the Control Panel option.
  2. From the Control Panel window, locate and tap on the Network and Internet options.
  3. After this, opt for the Network and Sharing Centre option and move further.
  4. Select the highlighted Change Advanced Sharing Settings option in the following window and then Internet Connections.
  5. Soon after this, act according to the instructions visible on the screen to fix the network connections.
  6. End the process by launching the system once again.

Solution 4: Get the Updated AOL file installed by downloading it

If you encounter that AOL Gold icon still needs to respond, run the updated install file. For that, you must implement the steps discussed below.

  1. In the preliminary stage, access the official website of AOL and get the upgraded version of the installation file.
  2. After that, access the file on your device and try running it.
  3. Once you run the installer, move to the AOL icon and open AOL Desktop Gold.

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Final Words!!

Even after applying the resolution methods to fix the AOL Gold icon not responding, you must try to run good antivirus software to scan the malicious infections. If you are still facing difficulty, you can consult with our professionals through email or live chat to obtain the best results.


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